Thursday, December 6, 2007

*~ A Wild Ride for Santa and His Slut! ~*

*~More Silly Pussy Poetry by Ms Pink~* ;)
Naughty Xmas Tale #3 December 6th, 2007

He slid down the chimney and to his delight, she was lying there naked in the full moonlight!
by Ms Pink
Was she waiting for him or was it just on a whim?
Oh my goodness why do I care, it's been a long time since I've seen a woman bare!
by Ms Pink
Santa was so hot he'd forgotten his sack, with all of the excitement of her lying on her back... oh my god, he could barely breathe, were his eyes playing tricks and trying to deceive!?

Her leg was hiked up on the back of the chair, her pink pussy lips parted... oh my god,
he needed air!

Somehow he was able to regain his composure, even with her extreme exposure...
trying to concentrate on the task at hand and wondering where on earth did he just land!

I'd give you a gift, but I seem to have biffed, wouldn't you much rather have you're
sweet pussy slit sniffed?

Come jump in my sleigh and I'll give you a lift!

Now, don't get in a tizzy, just because I'm so busy... can't I just lick you until you're dizzy?

This I can do while we're on the fly, as we're streaking across the midnight sky, I'll be sliding my tongue up inside your pie!

The elves can deliver, while I make you shiver... you see, I'm a giver and I want to see you quiver, so as you wiggle your pussy, please cream me a river

by Ms Pink
Now slide your sweet ass on up in my sleigh, and we'll be on our way for some very, very serious pussy play!
by Ms Pink
Just stand up on the seat and straddle my face, positioning your pussy in just the right place...

now pull down your panties and hike up your slips, then push your wet pussy up against my lips...
move your hips forward, so I can't speak, drape your legs over my shoulders and press your thighs against my cheeks...
Wrap your legs tightly around my neck, and I'll tell Rudolph to take off from this deck...

We'll be heading up high and rocketing straight towards the sky!

Then Santa said...
we're aiming for those stars, the ones up there right next to Mars... it'll look as if we're going to collide, so squeeze your legs tight, cuz this is gonna be one hellava ride!
by Ms Pink
The G~force will press your pussy against my face, we'll be shooting at warp speed towards outer space!

My tongue will get slammed so far up inside, you'll think we've had a wreck and may have both died!

This erotic sensation will be far, far better, than any spa vacation you've been on, ever!
by Ms Pink
We'll turn on auto~pilot, while the elves sort toys, and check the list for all the good girls and boys...
they'll do the work, so we don't need to worry, we can take our sweet time and not be in a hurry!
No need to worry, not of fog or snow flurry...
I know you'll agree, I don't need to see, because the reindeer always know, which way we need to go...

So sit your little pussy on my face, so I can push my tongue deep into that
warm, wet place...
You're the one who's in control, force me to shove it further, up inside your hole!

Grab onto my hair, pushing my nose up there and use my face as your soft, warm chair!

I'll tongue fuck your pussy from left and right, inside and out and all through the night!
by Ms Pink
We're flying so high, racing through the sky, the wind through my beard tickles your thigh... driving you wild, you suddenly smiled... you're being so bad, your pussy's gone mad and here comes the strongest climax you've ever had!

You let out one hellacious scream, while filling my mouth with your sticky sweet cream... I just can't get enough of this delicious dream!
by Ms Pink
My tongue still slithering in your slit, while on my face you squarely sit... until I can't breathe, yet you give me no reprieve... another orgasm you wish to achieve, so you wiggle around til the sleigh starts to weave... and even though I still cannot breathe, I think of my Mistress, and Her I believe... because she tells me
"it's always much better to give, than it is to receive!"
by Ms Pink
Suddenly Santa felt a little chill and thought "oh damn" we're no longer over Brazil... he'd forgotten to give Rudolph the new flight plan... the one to drop this slut off, back where they began... he pulled his mouth from her slippery hole, and suddenly saw the sign for the great white North Pole!
by Ms Pink
Gradually they began their steep descent, thinking that their night had been quite an event...
and even though it was not Santa's intent, he'd snatched this chick without her consent!

Oh, why on earth didn't he just give her the damn present!

Then she said in a bitchy tone,
"oh that's just great, now how in the hell am I gonna' get home?!"

But Santa gets an idea and quickly replies, "maybe you should just stay here with all of us guys?"

Mrs Clause left me for screwing around, she found out I eat pussy in every town... so she grabbed an elf and moved to lower ground...

For me and the guys it would be a dream, just having access to your year round cream, you'd be the only woman here, so of course you'll be our reigning Queen!

Why, this situation would be any girl's dream!

Hundreds of elves, fully giving themselves... to you and you only, to serve and obey... you'll always have it your way...

Remember around here...
pussy is precious and rare... and all of us guys just love to share... so surely you'll enjoy your little stay, while having your pussy licked all night and everyday!

So for one full delicious year, all of the boys worshipped her here... every elf, one and all, were always close by, at her beck and call!

Santa came to see her too, whenever she wanted a ride... back and forth, side to side,
across his face she would wiggle and slide... she never tired of his licking her slit, it must be some kind of magic trick!

Santa always brought her candy... especially when they'd play... he had some kind of fetish and that was more than okay!

"I love it when he slides it in... he has such a special way, of turning my candied pussy into his private dessert buffet!"

All of a sudden the year seemed to fly by, and there was only one reason she could figure why...

So much pussy licking, she was never denied... one thing for sure, Santa hadn't lied!

This whole year she'd been on a high, it was going to be hard to say goodbye...
she truly hated leaving, this delicious den of pussy eating!

Elves one by one, stopped by her royal suite, beginning with kisses on her toes and feet... up her soft thighs, seeing that tasty prize
right there before their hungry eyes,
their faces heading straight for her sweet heat, and a long luscious licking, between that
pretty pink meat...

The elves sadly saying their goodbyes, and taking one last lick of her creamy pie...
her many, many orgasms now complete...
"oh please Santa, can't we keep her here,
just to eat her meat?!"
by Ms Pink
Santa said no, it's time to go, the moon is full and beginning to glow... and told the chick I wish you could stay, but we have work to do and there's just no way...
go slip on your mini, so I can have my way, then go slide your candy ass up in my sleigh!
by Ms Pink
Santa met her outside at his slide, and said hold on tight, we're going for one more ride!

I don't want you worry while my tongue is inside, so I'll set her controls on auto~glide...
and then pleasure for your pussy I can
seriously provide...
you'll never forget this one last ride!
by Ms Pink
The whole way back, she rode on his face... all the way home, until they pulled up at her place... he took his time, there was no need to race, Santa fingered and tongued her pussy all the way through outer space!

Slapping her ass and biting her nipple, he said his goodbyes and let out a giggle... thanks for the fun, now I gotta run... there's so much work, that needs to be done!

I gotta' go and get on with this show... so I bid you farewell my little Ho! Ho! Ho!

Once she got home she started to think... as she slipped a finger up inside her pink... is it just my imagination, or did I pick up Santa's wild little kink?

Suddenly I'm craving someone who's handy, someone who'll stuff my pussy with a long, thick stick of candy!

Perhaps another night, she'll leave on her light,
to see who pops in next time, to kiss her pussy goodnight! ;)

This XXXmas eve you'll find Me standing out by the road...
My thumb stuck out and hitching a ride,
while hoping to get picked up by
a big shiny red slide!

hehehehe ;)

I hope you enjoy this holiday cheer, all of this silly, pussy licking poetry at the end of another perfect year!

X's n O's... your naughty Ms Pink ;)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

*~ Santa's First Pussy of the Year! ~*

Santa finally stops and ties up the deer, where he gets his first taste of pussy every year...

With one swift move she opened the door and Santa was on his knees and down on the floor... grabbing him firmly by the ears, her sweet pink pussy quickly appears...

He'd almost forgotten how good she smelled, as he slipped his tongue in, where her juices welled...

He lapped and he slurped, his face covered in cream, after her multiple orgasms, it seemed like a dream...

And just when he thought she'd had her fill, she totally held him there against his will... "just one more Santa"... "oh Santa dear"... "one more to tie me over, until late next year!"

So gladly his tongue slid back up in her slit, as she moaned and whimpered and bit her lip... on her clit he sucked, with his tongue he fucked... it wasn't long before her hips began to buck and he could feel that her pussy was ready to erupt...

Then finally she screamed to Santa's delight, for ahead of him was one very long ass night!

Santa stretched and got up from his knees, even though she begged him "more! more! oh Santa baby please!"

But time was short and he had work to do, so now came the time to bid her adieu...

Before I go, my name is St Nick and I have for you a nice long candy stick...

It's my special gift for girls who've been naughty, my little way to thank you, for the delicious hot tottie...

I save them for bad girls who stay up all night, and spread their sweet pussies for my yearly delight...

I'll just slip it right up, inside here, and then he made himself very, very clear... this piece of candy is very big my dear, so no matter how much you use it, it should last you all year...

As much as I hate to, now I must leave, until I see you next year on XXXmas eve... so he gave her pink pussy one more quick lick, and off into the night, flew a very, very
jolly St Nick!

Even though he's gone, she has her special reminder, the giant candy cane pushed
up inside her...
A special gift from Mr St Nick... her pussy stuffed tight with that great big
peppermint stick!

So in and out she slides her stick, dreaming of next year when she gets to see Nick!

Santa's favorite naughty game...
he it plays every year, because it always makes him grin from ear to ear!
Slide and Hide...
the long candy stick, by pushing it up deep, inside your slit! ;)

So now she plays with her long,
thick candy stick... maybe sometime you'd like to share a little lick?
hehehehehe ;)

*~More Silly Pussy Licking Poetry by Ms Pink~* ;)
#2, December 5th, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

*~ Santa Clause is Cumming to Town! ~*

*~A little Holiday Cheer by Ms Pink~* ;)

*~Santa's his name~*
and fantasy fulfillment is his game!

He pulls back the cover, and what does he discover?

You've slipped your finger up inside your slit and now what you need is Santa's tongue on your clit!

Coming through the door is an elf called Moe and the next thing you know, he's sucking on your toe...
by Ms Pink
Now Moe's followed by so many, many more, you can no longer even try keep score...
by Ms pink
Before you know it, your room begins to fill, cuz Santa and his helpers always aim to thrill!
by Ms Pink
Licking your feet and both nipples too, you simply lie back and enjoy the view!
by Ms pink
Tongues running up and down your thighs, your clit gets harder and begins to rise... they work you so well, that your pussy lips swell... a tasty sight, crying out loudly your wet invite...
"oh Santa please lick my pussy tonight!"
by Ms Pink
Your pussy now dripping with all of your cream, so many tongues, toys and fingers you're about to scream!

Then from your throat arose such a clatter, the windows in your room, they almost did shatter, and not a single soul had to ask what was the matter!

Santa and his elves had delivered once again, and already, they can hardly wait until
next year's end!
by Ms Pink
Living at the North Pole, pussy is rare, so when Santa has the chance to lick one, he always wants to share!
by Ms Pink
The elves backed away admiring their work, leaving Santa alone for one last lurk... turning to go they headed back to the sleigh, strapped themselves in and were ready to make way...
by Ms Pink
Leaning back with hands on their hips, they all began licking pussy juice off of their lips...

Santa was getting ready to go, and with glee in his voice he yelled
Ho! Ho! Ho!
And low and behold, he meant every word, as he and his elves took off like a bird!

There's always one slut who stays up every year, and that's Santa's first stop, to spread some pussy lips and good cheer!

While the neighborhood slept, up to bed you crept...

Boxes and boxes left under your tree, but you don't even notice your brand new Wii...
A wicked little grin slides across your face, as you tug at what's left of your satin and lace... then outloud, we hear you say, I'd much rather take on Santa and his full sleigh... he and all his elves anyday!
by Ms Pink
by Ms Pink
By Ms Pink ;)
December 4th, 2007
by Ms Pink

I think I'll put out some extra milk and cookies this year!



He watches when you're sleeping, he sees when you're awake
He knows that you are oh so bad, so spread your legs for goodness sake!

Oh, you'd better lie back, you'd better cry out, you're getting all wet and about to shout, cuz Santa Clause is coming tonight!


Of course the rest of Santa's helpers are always fun to have around too ;)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

*~ I want My Pussy licked today ~*

So email Me pookies and tell Me how much you'd love to lick My candy...
I'll treat the winner to a special session...
Be creative My little pets!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

*~*~Punishment for a Cheating Husband~*~*

Well, it's hard to believe I've neglected this thing for over a month!
I guess time does fly when you're having fun ;)

My latest job has been to correct the behavior of a friend's cheating little slut husband
So I invited them to dinner at My place and we proceeded to get him nice and tipsy on a great bottle of wine
We moved out to the veranda for an after dinner cocktail and My friend politely excused herself, leaving hubby in My care
he settled comfortably back into one of the chaise lounges and I sat on the edge next to him
I began to playfully flirt with him while lightly sliding a melting piece of ice from my drink up and down his inner thigh with My fingertips, moving farther up his leg with each pass
I saw the bulge grow quickly in his shorts, so I slipped My fingers up his pant leg and wrapped My hand around his stiff little shaft
This made him close his eyes and let out a quiet moan
Just the reaction I was expecting from the cheating fuckin' prick and he hadn't even noticed how long his Wife had been gone collecting the special tools we were going to need for the fun evening ahead
I suggested he take his shorts off and with his raging hard on, he couldn't get out of them fast enough in hopes that I was going to relieve his "pain"...ha!
Little did he know his Wife and I had some very special plans in store for him tonight and he was about to find out what real pain was
You see, he'd been a very, very bad boy

ahhh... here comes Wifey with those restraints... time to get to down to business...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

*~*~ Play date for My pussy ~*~*

Well my~oh~my did I have some fun yesterday ;)
I was so horny, My pussy was on fire and I wanted My slit licked in a bad way by a stranger
So I ran an ad on CL (don't you just love CL?), within minutes I had at least 30 emails with very pleasurable offers and chose the most interesting, eager to please and respectful response of them all
I gave My soon to be slit licking slut explicit instructions on how to greet Me, then I jumped in the car to meet My prey
It was perfect
That boy did exactly as I'd instructed him to.
Answering the door nude and on his knees, keeping his eyes on the floor until I told him he could look up to see My pink pussy just inches from his face
I blindfolded him, instructed him to lie back on the floor and tied his wrists to the leg of the coffee table
Then I hiked up my skirt, sat down on his face, grinding My pussy back and forth, round and round, forcing his nose between My pussy lips, making him lick My ass and smothering him until he was fully gasping and struggling for a breath
I sat on him for a few more seconds, so he'd be good and dizzy from the lack of oxygen
Wanting more amusement, I got up, spread his legs wide and tied them far apart at the ankles, giving his cock a few long strokes
This made him hard, so I immediately gave his balls a nice firm slap
and that took care of that little problem
I tied some rough twine around the top of his balls, then separated them and wound more twine between them
I looped the twine around his pathetic cock and tied a nice long leash to it
I straddled his face again and instructed him to slip his tongue inside My slit. Sliding it back and forth, from front to back, again and again while I pinched and tweaked his nipples hard and yanked on his cock and ball leash
He was very brave, only whimpering a little when I'd jerk his tethered balls and never once stopped licking Me
I told him to circle My clit and flick it with the tip of his tongue, making it nice and hard
ooh... it felt so delicious
Then I told him to push his tongue as far up inside My pussy as he could and fuck Me with it
This was almost the best part, because one of the reasons I chose him was the picture he sent Me of his pierced tongue
So long and fat with a perfectly pointed tip
I don't think I've ever seen a tongue more perfect for pussy licking. It makes Me get warm and wet all over again
I ground My pussy into his face until he was covered in My sweet frosting, then made him lick Me clean
Later I bent him over the dining table, so I could drive and gave him his reward for being such a good little pet
Then I had him lie back down on the floor and straddled his face once again telling him to open up very wide for Me
and proceeded to fill his mouth with My steamy pee,
telling him he mustn't spill any,
so he gulped, swallowed and slurped up every drop of My golden nectar
I think I'll have to use him again sometime
Thank you marsha, formerly known as mark until yesterday when I transformed him into a dirty slut and made him My little bitch
I came home to 40-50 more emails, sorted through them, picked out the best and filed them for the next time My pussy needs some strange slit licking, deleted My ad
and went off to bed purring like a kitten
I hope you all have at least half as nice of a day today as I had yesterday
Ah yes, it's good to be Queen ;)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yes Ma'am ;)

Friday, August 24, 2007

*~Where Female Supremacy Reigns Queen~*
while sissies serve and obey with
pleasure and devotion
forever Mine